NAB 2014

Cabrio PL 25-300mm T3.5-3.85 New

PL 25-300 Versatility

Cabrio PL 25-300mm T3.5-3.85

A 12x PL mount cine lens, starting at 25mm and reaching to 300mm, will give you the versatility to cover a wide variety of shooting situations.

Premier HA18x5.5 ENG New

HA18x5.5 Long & Wide

Premier HA18x5.5ENG

The New HA18x5.5 combines the best of both worlds, a wide lens to get those tight, under the basket shots, and the ability to follow the player down the court.

Cabrio PL 14-35mm T2.9 New

PL 14-35 Unequaled Performance

Cabrio PL 14-35mm T2.9

Designed using the latest proprietary optical simulation software, the PL 14-35 mm wide angle lens offers exceptional optical performance in the center of the image and in the corners of the frame.

XA55x9.5 2/3" HDTV Field Lens (Box Type) New

XA55x9.5 Rock Steady

XA55x9.5 2/3" HDTV Field Lens (Box Type)

With a focal length from 9.5 to 525mm (or 19.0 to 1050mm with a 2x extender), this XA55x9.5 Fujinon zoom lens offers outstanding performance in the most challenging environments.