Service & Technical Support

Nobody is better at servicing Fuji equipment than Fuji.

Our solution professionals are trained by the very same engineers who designed and built the equipment in the first place. And since Fuji's solution people only work on Fuji systems, they are the fastest, most skilled people for the job.

For instance, with Synapse®, 90% of problems are solved through our remote diagnostics, which means you're not stuck waiting for a technician to arrive. And since our proactive monitoring system is designed to prevent small problems from becoming big problems, more than half are solved within an hour. When you do need to see a Fuji solution professional you'll find they are truly that: professional. In fact, we'll provide you with a guaranteed time for a solution person to be on site. And all of Fuji's field engineers are experienced industry veterans — the only thing green about us is our corporate colors.

The Fuji team oversees the entire life cycle of the equipment and systems they service. From installation to preventive maintenance, from 24 x 7 technical support until the final trade-up to newer equipment, you can count on your Fuji solution team to be there.

We work hard to make your job easier. For instance, our product installations are designed not to interrupt workflow. Most solution contracts include free system upgrades. Fuji solution contract holders also receive discounts on Imaging Plates, Cassettes, equipment parts, and labor. And, of course, Fuji is HIPAA compliant. There's a wide range of Performance Solution Plans available. We're sure you'll find the one that's perfect for you.

Customer Support Portal

FUJIFILM has a web-enabled Customer Support Portal allowing customers to view open and closed ticket information, along with an overview of the installed products. Service requests (for Synapse products only) can also be placed through the Service Portal for non-urgent cases. There is a registration process that provides our customers a username and secure password for accessing the Service Portal, which will provide both call creation availability and complete site history.

Please contact the Customer Solutions Center for further information.

FUJIFILM Customer Solutions Center - Support Solutions

Log a Support Request By Phone

For all support issues you should contact the Customer Solutions Center at:

(888) 385-4633 or (800) 272-8465

When calling, you will be presented with an options menu. Select then the option that is appropriate for your application:

  • Option 1 Medical Informatics and
    • Option 1 Synapse PACS
    • Option 2 Synapse Cardiovascular
    • Option 3 Synapse RIS
  • Option 2 Modality Solutions, DR, CR, US, X-Ray, FDR-Go, FCR-Go2, DEVO, Mammography, nondestructive testing processors
  • Option 3 Imaging Products – Dry Pix, conventional processors
  • Option 4 Clinical Consultants – Application Support
    • Option 1 Clinical Support Team
    • Option 2 PACS Administration, configuration, customization and maintenance
  • Option 5 Customer Service, replacement parts and film

FUJIFILM’s toll-free support line is accessible anywhere in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For further information regarding after hours or holiday support for your specific application please contact the Customer Solutions Center.

Log a Support Request By Email

We are pleased to announce our new 24-hour email inbox for your next non-urgent service requests: There is a 24-hour, M-F turn-around for any request. Emails sent after 5pm EST on Friday will be processed the next business day.

   Modality Support -

To serve you best, please include the following information for both phone and email submissions:

  • Case contact information: Name, phone number and email address
  • Site name
  • Serial number
  • Problem description
  • For Email submission, screen shots to help us analyze the problem.

For Email submissions, the case contact that you include will be notified via email with the corresponding case number when it has been opened.