Synapse® PACS

At a Glance

This advanced visualization solution seamlessly integrates with Synapse PACS, was fully designed and developed by Fujifilm and is the most cost-effective choice available today.

Back when we created Synapse, there was nothing like it. Because while other companies were building their PACS by modifying existing technologies, Fuji took a different approach. We looked at where healthcare providers were going and the challenges they would be facing. For instance, hospitals were joining forces into groups and delivery networks to provide economies of scale. These new hospital groups couldn't replace all their existing information systems; it wouldn't be economical. And, to add another layer of complexity, hospitals depend on private Radiology Groups to read their studies, and these could be different from facility to facility. The best PACS would need to accommodate multiple physical locations with disparate RIS and HIS systems with multiple Radiology reading groups across the facilities in an enterprise. Synapse was the first PACS to address all of these needs and more.

Synapse was the first PACS to accomplish this extraordinary degree of functionality for single or multi-site PACS. The same exact Synapse code that runs a 30,000 exams per-year outpatient imaging center can run a multi-server, multi-site configuration with greater than a million exams a year. Now that's scalable.

We set the standard when we built Synapse. And the technological leap we took is making good on all the extraordinary promises of PACS. But Synapse can do even more for you. And it will. We're hard at work making that happen in ways you can not even imagine... yet.

Technical Data

Foundation Technologies
Synapse is a collection of software modules built on the Microsoft® Windows® Server platform and workstation software on Windows Workstation editions, which together provide the core software functionality for Synapse - Fujifilm's Next Generation PACS.

Server Software
Synapse Server Software is a collection of software modules built on the Microsoft® Windows® Server platform, which together, provide the core software functionality for Synapse - Fujifilm's Next Generation PACS.

Workstation Software
Synapse Workstation Software is the multi-modality viewing software for Synapse, Fujifilm's Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Synapse Workstation Software provides viewing and manipulation of radiological data including images, reports, patient status and clinical information. It also provides for integrations to clinical applications including dictation systems, RIS and three dimensional processing applications. It is a multipurpose, enterprise wide application used for Radiologist interpretation, in-house clinical review and physician desktop image & information access.

Synapse Communications

Synapse Communications offers improved dialog between departments, results escalation, emergency department discrepancy tracking, radiologist peer review and other utilities to enhance radiology workflow. With this product, which is offered within Synapse PACS, Fujifilm has introduced a new dynamic for improved communication. Synapse Communications offers progressive tools and solutions to improve communication among clinical departments.

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