Synapse 3D

More perspective, fewer clicks

One-click access to 3D images. Synapse 3D provides advanced visualization tools, optimized workflow and full integration with Synapse PACS.

Synapse 3D's advanced visualization tools help radiologists see more clearly. With an intuitive interface and integration with Synapse PACS. Synapse 3D is easy to use and designed to optimize the process of advanced image analysis.

Synapse 3D was designed by Fujifilm to be fully integrated with Synapse PACS. Synapse 3D can be accessed from any workstation where Synapse PACS is available. Integration means patient lists are fully synchronized, images stored in PACS are easily available. Synapse 3D images are easily saved back to PACS, and workflow and user interface are consistent across both applications.

The Synapse 3D Clinical Application Suite includes a comprehensive Base Toolset and the option to enhance your capabilities with an Advanced Radiology Toolset. Fujifilm innovations such as the award-winning automatic vessel segmentation and analysis algorithm, one-click measurement tools, and exceptional masking segmentations using Fujifilm Image Intelligence help make Synapse 3D a vital part of your daily workflow.

View video demonstrations on the Synapse 3D website.

Base Toolset

The Base Toolset offers a variety of advanced visualization analysis tools, including:

  • 3D Viewer
  • 4D Viewer
  • 3D Compare
  • Combination
  • Slicer
  • 3D Compositor
  • Vessel Extraction
  • Fusion Viewer
  • PET-CT Viewer
  • Sector MPR
  • Dental MPR

Visit the Synapse 3D website to view and share demonstration videos of core application tools.

Advanced Radiology Tools

The Advanced Radiology package provides radiologists with a variety of tools developed for advanced applications, including:

  • CT Brain Perfusion
  • MR Brain Perfusion
  • Nodule Analysis (PERCIST/RECIST Tracker)
  • ADC Viewer
  • Abdomen Analysis (2D & 3D)
  • Liver Analysis
  • Lung Analysis

View and share demonstration videos of advanced radiology tools on the Synapse 3D website.

Advanced Cardiology Tools

The Advanced Cardiology package offers a variety of tools to assist in cardiology diagnosis, including:

  • Coronary Analysis (CT)
  • Coronary Analysis (MR)
  • Cardiac Fusion
  • Cardiac Function Analysis (CT)
  • Cardiac Function Analysis (MR)
  • Calcium Scoring

To view and share demonstration videos of advanced cardiology tools, visit the Synapse 3D website.

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