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E-Learning Videos for Synapse 4.4

Navigation Basics

Learn how to locate, launch and view a study. Also, access tools for image manipulation and navigate to additional studies.


Access the patient’s digital Master Jacket for reports, notes, documents and studies related to a patient.

Synapse Help

How to access and navigate the on-line Synapse Users Guide.

Managing Columns

Learn how to manage and customize columns within the Synapse folders.

My History

The My History feature provides quick and easy access to all studies you have recently viewed.

Active Overlays

How to use the Active Overlay feature to view and interact with overlay data from the displayed image.


The Query by Example feature allows you to filter content in the list view.


Learn how to quickly locate patients and studies using the Synapse Search feature.

SSAT Courses for PACS & CV

SSAT CV Admin courses Basics & Advanced
Send/forward inquiry emails to: fmsucvssat@fujifilm
SSAT PACS Admin courses Basics & Advanced
Send/forward inquiry emails to:fmsussat@fujifilm