Our Customer Stories

Read why hospitals around the country chose Fujifilm's digital mammography products to elevate their patient care and team's performance to the next level.

ASPIRE Cristalle: improving mammography for both facilities and patients at Ashley County Medical Center Ashley County Medical Center
The need for high image quality and low dose led Ashley County Medical Center to install Fujifilm's ASPIRE Cristalle Digital Mammography system.
A quick install and happy, comfortable patients: Northpoint Health and Wellness Center details its experience with ASPIRE CristalleLisa Quamme
Boosting breast cancer screening rates at Northpoint Health and Wellness Center begins with an improved mammography system.
Digital mammography arrives to rural Washington at Willapa Harbor Hospital
When it was time to upgrade from its Fujifilm computed radiography mammography (CRm) system -- Willapa Harbor Hospital chose the ASPIRE Cristalle from the trusted Fujifilm family.