Aspire HD

At a Glance

Aspire™ HD digital mammography system by Fujifilm uses a novel direct-to-digital detector with a pixel size of 50µm

Aspire HD is the world's first digital mammography system to be equipped with Fujifilm's next generation direct to digital detector technology. The new format detector has a proprietary panel structure with a double layer of amorphous selenium that was developed by combining Fujifilm's Device Development Technology and Vacuum Deposition Technology. With high X-ray absorption properties, the first layer efficiently converts X-rays into electrical signals, while the second layer employs the innovative "Direct Optical Switching Technology," that captures high resolution and low noise image electrical signals rather than using electrical switches such as conventional TFTs. By delivering both "50µm fine pixel size (higher resolution) and low noise," the Aspire HD system provides superb image quality that enhances visualization of breast tissue and greater detail of breast abnormalities.


  • World's smallest pixel pitch of 50µm2, a first in a dual-layer amorphous-selenium, direct-to-digital DR FFDM system
  • Exclusive new Fujifilm innovation: Direct Optical Switching Technology replaces the need to use Thin Film Transistors (TFT) as in conventional DR FFDM
  • Tungsten x-ray tube with a rhodium filter reduces radiation dose without sacrificing image quality
  • Ergonomic bucky design to maximize visualization of tissue at the chest wall
  • Optimal 24x30cm detection area


Optimized Workflow

  • Uniquely designed AWS offers the technologist a more efficient workstation to perform the digital mammography examination
  • Integrated control allows exposure settings and resulting confirmation of imaging conditions on one screen
  • Portrait-type monitor enhances both image viewing and operability
  • Display area can be split and switched between 1, 2, or 4-up images
  • Automatic & manual left/right image position adjustment
  • Adjust Density and contrast for both left/right images simultaneously
  • Supports DICOM Version 3

Higher Image quality achieved using our proven Image Intelligence™

  • Image Intelligence™: Leveraging 25 years of image processing experience
  • Aspire HD uses legacy mammography image processing technology developed from experience with our Aspire ClearView FFDM system to provide high quality images that enhance visualization of the mammary tissue to improve diagnostic confidence of breast abnormalities.

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  • 2As of November 2009