FDR AcSelerate Suite™

Experience meets innovation

A fully integrated dual detector DR system from Fujifilm designed to be a complete radiographic room replacement solution.

FDR AcSelerate offers improved workflow and superior image quality. In as little as three easy steps, you can complete a patient exam and see your image displayed in two seconds.

FDR AcSelerate Suite™ features advanced fully automated X-ray equipment, making patient positioning and exam preparation fast and easy. Consisting of our AcSelerate upright Chest stand and AcSelerate table along with a ceiling mounted X-ray tube, all Dual Detector FDR AcSelerate Suites feature Fujifilm's exclusive SpeedLink X-ray Control Software®, which fully automates and optimizes exposure settings, exam technique and processing algorithms based on anatomic exam & series type selected at the FDX console. The Overhead Tube Crane position, Collimated field size and examination filtration are set automatically with the start of a study.


  • Auto-positioning of tube, chest stand and table improves workflow
  • Manual override of all automatic movement features
  • Light weight ergonomic design of all system components
  • -20 to 90° tilting wall bucky for extremities work
  • Easy to use X-ray system facilitates simplified training of new employees
  • Table bucky head to foot movement, automatically follows the Overhead Tube Crane
  • Standard 80 kW X-ray generator
  • 600,000 heat unit X-ray tube assembly to maximize patient throughput
  • Automatic collimation and automatic filter insertion
  • Tight integration between FDX console and X-ray system provides streamlined operation
  • Auto exam select allows exams to be set up automatically from RIS work list
  • FDX workstation offers FCR integration

Additional Choices

  • Movable tableside hand control for 4-way float top motion & elevation
  • Compressions belt
  • IV infusion stand
  • Elevation foot pedals and 4 way float top activation step switch
  • Table and chest stand collimator hand controls
  • Table side patient grip handles

Product Images

Product Videos

FDR AcSelerate Automated Positioning

Tilting Chest Stand

Positioning with Tilted Chest Stand

Table and Tube Crane