Uvistar Pro-8 Series

One Grand Format Press Outperforms All Others

Ever wanted a grand format press that could do it all? Roll or rigid media? Auto or manual feed? One or two sided prints? Well, Uvistar can. It’s the most versatile grand format press in the world. But don’t take our word for it. Arrange a demonstration. Look at the economics. Find out how your investment in Uvistar may give you a payback in as little as six months.

The Uvistar Pro-8 is the 3rd generation of grand format hybrid UV printers from Fujifilm. Building on the success of the Uvistar 2, the Pro-8 adds a number of new features that expand the capabilities of the press. First, the Pro-8 provides the capability to print with light inks in order to produce the highest quality POP. When not needed, a simple button converts the press back to 4 color mode to produce banner or billboard work. Second, a new auto loader & unloader allows the operator to print rigid media up to 1” thick, edge to edge, without having to load or unload the media. Third, the new new camera option allows two sided printing with virtually no operator intervention. Fourth, inline slitters allow media to be cut to size drastically reducing the need for off-line finishing.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the Uvistar Pro-8 is the use of a printing technique called parallel drop size (PDS) printing. This unique patent pending technology allows the Pro-8 to increase print quality without compromising speed or sacrificing ink density. PDS prints both larger 40pl drops together with smaller 20pl drops in each pass. By combining this technique with light inks, a user is given all the advantages of a grey scale head without the compromise in performance.

The Uvistar Pro-8 includes both 3.5 and 5 meter printers that can handle a wide range of media whether they be rigid or flexible, back-lit or block-out, lightweight or heavyweight substrates. The Uvistar allows the operator to print roll-to-roll, free fall or even roll-to-sheet. Uvistar printers are easy to operate, with quick changeovers to different medias with little material waste.

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  • „High quality POP to billboard from one press and one ink set
  • „Patent pending ‘Parallel Drop Size’ (PDS) technology for excellent POP print quality without loss in speed
  • „Average ink cost less than .05 ft2 when printing in 4 channel mode
  • „Print rigid media up edge-to-edge with new auto loader
  • „Easiest and fastest material change of any UV roll printer
  • „Two sided printing is simple with new backlit camera option
Operating conditions
Print Technology
32ea Ricoh E3 Piezo inkjet printheads
32 printheads, 192 nozzles per printhead
True 600 dpi, up to 1200 dpi apparent
Maximum Rigid Substrate thickness
up to 1" thick (25 mm)
Media Handling
Free fall
Hybrid flatbed (optional)
ColorGATE Production Server (Fujifilm Edition), Version 7.1 or later
Caldera Grand RIP+ Fujifilm Edition V9 or later
All popular desktop formats including PostScript 3, EPS, TIFF, PDF, both RGB and CMYK color spaces.
Fujifilm Uvijet QN Ink
Uvijet QN (C,Y,M,K,lK, lM,lC)
Environmental Temperature
20°C to 29°C
50% to 80% with no condensation
3-phase, 380 V AC between phases, 3 x 32 Amps + Neutral + Ground, 50/60 Hz
Network Type
Ethernet IEEE802.3 VF
10/100 BT
Network Protocol
Physical dimensions
5032 Model
82" x 322" x 48"
3532 Model
82" x 240" x 43"
Space requirements
5032 Model
83" x 322" x 211"
3532 Model
83" x 240" x 211"
Maximum media width
5032 Model
209" (5.3 meter)
3532 Model
150" (3.8 meter)
Maximum print width
5032 Model
197" (5.0 meter)
3532 Model
138" (3.5 meter)
5032 Model
12,940 lbs
3532 Model
11,794 lbs


  • *Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Pro 8 Auto Loader Printing