Flexographic Film

Films for analog and digital flexo printers

Film for every flexographic market

A rather sizeable portion of the flexographic plate market is still analog. While Fujifilm is able to help any analog printer move toward digital, we are also committed to the long-term manufacture of matte films for the analog flexographic market – for both sheet and liquid; 4 mil and 7 mil. For smaller formats, some flexo printers find that Fujifilm’s non-matte films – with there whisper matte coatings – work wonderfully at a lesser price.

A long standing leader in graphic arts films, Fujifilm will continue to offer matte films while other competitors have chosen to discontinue the product line. Manufactured for all the common image setter wavelengths, Fujifilm matte films will work wonderfully in every common brand of imaging device including AGFA’s Avantra series. Talk to your local Fujifilm representative for more information.

CTP and Proofing (Flexo)

In flexo, it is not really a question of “if” a flexo printer will go digital but “when”. Even though Fuji still makes a full line-up of matte films for the flexographic market, we can help our customers take the required steps toward going digital. Available in a variety of sizes, Fujifilm works has access to a two major brands of CTP devices.


The second generation PlateRite FX870II sets a new standard for narrow web flexo printing. The FX870II outputs flexo digital plates in any size from 4” x 4” to 30” x 34.2”. An option or imaging Fuji’s thermal offset plates is available as well. The device will improve quality and efficiency in the production of tags, labels, plastics and specialty materials.
The platesetter will accommodate all of the MacDermid digital plates offered by Fujifiilm – achieving unmatched spees up to 4 m2 per hour for flexo and up to 6 m2 per hour for litho. Imagine at a choice of 2400 dpi, 2540 dpi or 4800 dpi with screen rulings up to 200 lpi are produced consistently and competitively.
The FX1200 is designed for use in mid-range flexo shops; handling plates from 4” x 4” to 42” x 47.2”. Imaging at 4 m2 per hour for flexo plates, this setter will handle the mid-range MacDermid plates size of 35” x 47”.
Using a 64 channel laser imaging head, the FX1524 will image flexo plates up to 42” x 60” plates. What’s more, the easy-loading mechanism securely mounts large plates to increase prepress efficiency and productivity.
All of the above devices can be made to work with a variety of front end systems. Please let Fujifilm’s Flexo and Electronic Imaging teams find a complete system that will meet all of your needs. Also, Fujifilm has access to other CTP options. If one of the above devices does not perfectly fit your production environment, Fuji will be able to offer alternatives.


Epson’s Stylus Pro WT7900 was specifically designed for proofing flexographic jobs that require white and use the breakthrough Epson Ultrachrome HDR White Ink. Using either clear or metallic substrates, the WT7900 can economically and quickly reproduce color critical proofs for your flexo operation.
The standard by which all other proofs are compared, the FUJIFILM FinalProof is capable of producing high quality pigmented proofs for your flexographic applications. Need white? The FinalProof has been producing proof with which backings for a years. The FinalProof is also capable of imaging metallic as well. Talk with your Fujifilm representative for more information.