Ask your local Fujifilm Account Manager or your regional Flexo Sales Specialist about our wide variety of processing and exposure equipment.


A relative newcomer to the world of flexography, Douthitt is no stranger to manufacturing exposure units. Fujifilm has had a decades long relationship with Douthitt as a maker of high quality litho plate exposure units. Affordable and of superb quality, let Fuji demonstrate the benefits of the Douthitt exposure frames.

Dansen Prepress

Fujifilm works close with Dansen Prepress as not only the supplier of Toray water washed plates but as the supplier of the necessary processing equipment. Water washed plates still represent a sizeable market in the U.S.; both Fujifilm and Dansen are committed to supporting this market with top notch equipment.


The household name in solvent processing equipment, Kelleigh is a respected manufacturer of high quality, long lasting rotary and in-line processing equipment. Devices you trust such as the 310 are staples in our equipment offering.