Try the X Series and GFX system and discover why Pros choose Fujifilm!

Award-winning X Series and GFX system equipment is now available as rental units and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Take the opportunity to rent a Fujifilm X Series and GFX system camera, lens, or kit to learn more about our X Series and GFX system, or to keep creating beautiful imagery while your camera or lens is being repaired.

Call us to place a rental order

Just call one of our helpful Rental Service Reps and tell them which X Series and GFX system items you would like to rent. We receive all the latest models two months after the market release date.

All rental equipment has been inspected by certified Fujifilm technicians to provide you with top performance rental equipment.

Enjoy Fujifilm gear

After confirmation of availability, your rental gear will be delivered on the first day of your requested rental period, along with a date-of-return for shipment back to Fujifilm. If you would like to extend your rental time or let us know that your rental will be late, please email or call us and we will do our best to work with you.

Easy return shipping

Travel light and easy with our free return process! Simply box up your rental in the same box it arrived in and follow the instructions on the supplied FedEx return label. Once the rental has returned to Fujifilm and is inspected by our technicians, you will receive a confirmation email that your rental is closed.

Please remember

  1. 1. The day your rental makes its first delivery attempt via FedEx is the first day of your rental period.
  2. 2. Your rental must be in FedEx’s possession on the day marked on your invoice packet.
  3. 3. Terms and Conditions apply to the Fujifilm PRO Rental Program.
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FUJIFILM PRO RENTAL PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These terms and conditions apply to all rental arrangements entered into pursuant to the FUJIFILM PRO Rental Program. All FUJIFILM X Series and GFX system digital camera and/or lens products, including any provided accessories which may come with the specific product being rented (such as without limitation, strap, battery, charger or adapter, cable, camera case, etc.) (hereafter “Accessories”) (collectively, the “Rented Product”) that are being rented by FUJIFILM North America Corporation (“Fujifilm”) are rented subject to these terms and conditions. Any request to rent a Rented Product from Fujifilm constitutes the requesting Renter’s specific acknowledgement and agreement to these terms and conditions with respect to any Rented Product provided.

  1. 1. Rented Product Condition. Fujifilm will provide the Renter with a Rented Product which is fully functional and in good working condition at the time it is provided to the Renter. Such Rented Product may not be new, and may be a sales sample, a refurbished unit, or a unit that was previously sold to a dealer and/or consumer and has been returned to, and repaired by, Fujifilm. The Rented Product may contain scrapes, scuffs and other cosmetic marks, but the Rented Product will be in good working condition and fully functional at the time provided to the Renter and at all times during the Rental Period, assuming proper care and operation by the Renter at all times. If the Rented Product is not in good working condition or fully functional at the time of delivery or at any time during the period of the rental, the Renter agrees to promptly notify Fujifilm and Fujifilm will either provide a replacement unit or a pro-rata refund to Renter at Fujifilm’s option and as Fujifilm’s sole obligation and Renter’s sole remedy. IN NO EVENT WILL FUJIFILM BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION COST OF COVER OR REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS, LOST PROFITS, ECONOMIC LOSS, LOST OPPORTUNITIES, LOST REVENUE, LOSS OF USE, LOST PRODUCTION, OR DAMAGE TO GOODWILL OR REPUTATION, EXPERIENCED BY A RENTER, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE AND FOR ANY REASON. The Rented Product will at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of Fujifilm.

  2. 2. Care, Maintenance and Possession. Only Renters that are at least 18 years of age are permitted to rent Rented Products under the FUJIFILM PRO Rental Program. Fujifilm reserves the right to refuse to rent to any given Renter at any time, for any or no reason. The Renter will be solely responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the Rented Product while in his/her care and possession, and will be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs to the Rented Product during the period of the Rental, whether caused by the Renter, a third party, an accident, or otherwise. Renter recognizes that unless designed to be water resistant or water-proof (and even then, only to the extent described in, and subject to, the applicable specifications), the Rented Product is not to be subjected to weather elements. Renter agrees his/her provided credit card may be charged for the cost of any necessary Rented Product repairs upon turn-in of the Rented Product. Renter is the sole person to be using and possessing the Rented Product, and Renter will not permit third parties to possess or use the Rented Product, and will not barter, auction, sell, offer to sell or otherwise transfer the Rented Product to any third parties whatsoever.

  3. 3. Charges. All rentals are subject to Fujifilm’s receipt and verification of a valid credit card. Rented Product charges will be billed to the Renter’s provided Credit Card upon receipt of the rental request and prior to shipment. A pre-paid air bill will be provided to the Renter along with the Rented Product, for Renter’s exclusive use in returning the Rented Product to Fujifilm on or before the required return date. The Renter is expected to keep the packing materials that the Rented Product was provided in, and to re-use those packing materials in properly packing and returning the Rented Product to Fujifilm. The Renter is required to use the pre-paid air bill to return the Rented Product to Fujifilm by close of business on the agreed rental return date. Unless the return date has been extended (with such extension confirmed by Fujifilm (in its discretion) in writing prior to the original return date), if the Rented Product is not received by Fujifilm by close of business on the return date as noted, then without limitation of Fujifilm’s other rights and remedies, a PER DAY late fee of THIRTY DOLLARS (U.S. $30) per day will be charged to the Renter’s provided Credit Card until such time as the Rented Product is received by Fujifilm.

  4. 4. Accessories and SD Cards. Renter acknowledges that all Accessories must be returned as part of the Rented Product return, and if any Accessories are not returned, Renter’s credit card will be charged for the cost of any Accessories not returned (at the Fujifilm Suggested Retail Price for a new unit of each such Accessories). Renter further acknowledges that the Rented Product will not be provided with an SD Card for operation, and that procuring an SD Card for use in the Rented Product shall be the Renter’s sole responsibility. The SD Card is the Renter’s personal property, and should be removed by the Renter prior to return of the Rented Product, and retained by the Renter. Fujifilm assumes no responsibility whatsoever relating to any SD Cards returned to Fujifilm in the Rented Product, whether relating to care, preservation, return or otherwise.

    As a condition to the rental of the Rented Product, Renter waives all claims, losses and damages (including losses of data or images, lost opportunities, lost profits and the like) he/she may have against Fujifilm or its affiliates relating to any SD Card provided to Fujifilm and/or not removed from the Rented Product prior to its return to Fujifilm. Renter further acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for timely downloading and backing up all data/images which may be contained on his/her SD Card. Notwithstanding this, the Renter acknowledges that Fujifilm as a courtesy and without obligation may undertake to contact the Renter regarding any SD Card that it may find in any given returned Rented Product.

  5. 5. Renter's Failure to Return. Renter agrees that his/her provided credit card may be charged for the purchase price of the Rented Product (at the Fujifilm Suggested Retail Price for a new unit) in the event the Rented Product is not returned within ten (10) business days of the required return date. In addition, Fujifilm shall be entitled to charge Renter for all late fees applicable up through the date when the Renter’s Credit Card is charged for the purchase price.

  6. 6. Miscellaneous. These terms and conditions reflect the entire arrangement relating to the Rented Product, which may only be modified with the written approval of an authorized Fujifilm representative in each instance . In addition, Fujifilm’s rights hereunder may only be waived in writing. The Rental arrangement reflected herein shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. Fujifilm may modify the FUJIFILM PRO Rental Program, or these terms and conditions, at any time, by posting a change to the FUJIFILM PRO Rental Program website. The FUJIFILM PRO Rental Program may be terminated by Fujifilm at any time. In no event will Fujifilm’s liability to any Renter in any instance and for any reason exceed the rental amounts paid to Fujifilm for the Rented Product during the rental period.    
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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 9am-4pm (EST)