Super CCD EXR - New Standards in Picture Quality

What's EXR?

Fujifilm has continued to strive in creating the ultimate CCD sensor which has evolved even closer to capturing the moment as naturally as the eye sees it.
This innovative SUPER CCD EXR takes you “Even closer to the human eye than you imagined.”

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EXR Technology

Perfected balance of three EXR technologies in creating the ultimate image quality.

High Resolution

Fine Capture Technology

Wide Dynamic Range

Dual Capture Technology

High Sensitivity and Low Noise

Pixel Fusion Technology

Experience and Discover EXR

Introducing the mechanism, history and photo collection of EXR.

Photographer's Voice

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Even Closer to the Human Eye

Discover the similarities between the mechanism of the human eye and the EXR.

History of Super CCD

Journey through Fujifilm's history of the Super CCD.

Developer's Story

Secrets behind the birth of the EXR.