What's EXR?

Ground-breaking New Picture Quality Standards

Fujifilm has continued to strive in creating the ultimate CCD sensor which has evolved even closer to capturing the moment as naturally as the eye sees it. This innovative SUPER CCD EXR takes you “Even closer to the human eye than you imagined.”

In tandem, we have reached a conclusion that “the human eye adjusts its resolution and sensitivity according to brightness.” The development of resolving power, sharpness, sensitivity, noise reduction, and color reproduction lead into a new dimension of success beyond any creation in developing the ultimate CCD EXR*.

*Official name: Super CCD EXR

The CCD, the Central Core of a Digital Camera

1: Light 2: CCD
General CCD Structure

The CCD is like an “electronic eye” of a digital camera.
Small sensors are built into the CCD, which convert the amount of light into electronic signals.

Each sensor is called CCD pixels. The amount of pixels is one of the ways to distinguish the quality of the CCD; for example 10 megapixels.

However, there is no direct correlation between a “higher pixel count” and “better resolution camera.”

A simple increase of pixel count may cause a decrease in overall picture quality. To increase the pixel count, the CCD sensor has to be divided into smaller pixels, resulting in a decrease in the sensitivity of the camera and an increase in noise because the amount of light collected by a single pixel is smaller.

Fujifilm developed a new CCD sensor, Super CCD EXR, to resolve this dilemma. Created by uniquely aligning large pixels binned closely to each other, the camera has attained the technology to capture high sensitivity and high resolution in reproducing a photo of remarkable beauty.

About the Super CCD EXR

Fujifilm's new Super CCD EXR delivers superior picture quality enabled by an innovative color filter array and image processing technology of “3-way Capture Technology” with one sensor offering “Fine Capture Technology” (High Resolution), “Pixel Fusion Technology” (High Sensitivity & Low Noise), and “Dual Capture Technology” (Wide Dynamic Range).

According to shooting conditions and scene, this technology optimizes setting by switching the 3 capture modes, reproducing any scene with a perfectly balanced high quality picture.

Capture any Scene Beautifully in High Quality with the EXR AUTO

Cameras equipped with the EXR AUTO can capture any scene and subject at its best. By adopting two auto settings of “scene recognition” and “resolution optimizer,” this can lead to the best picture which was never possible in conventional digital cameras.

With EXR AUTO, just leave it up to the camera.
Simply Set and Shoot!

Scene Recognition Auto

  • Portrait

  • Night

  • Landscape

  • Macro

  • Night

  • Backlit

Prevents Spoilt Photos

CCD Switches for Optimization

  • Bright Scene

  • Dark Scene

  • High-contrast Scene

Chooses the Best Exposure

Examples of the EXR AUTO


Optimizes focus and brightness of faces.

Bright Scene

Reproduces the smallest details in bright beautiful colors.

High Resolution

Night Portrait

Optimizes focus and brightness of faces and background.

Dark Scene

Ensures noise-free images in low-light conditions.

High Sensitivity and Low Noise


Even the farthest scenes are clearly focused, capturing a clear overall view.

High-Contrast Scene

Captures detail in both highlights and shadows.

Wide Dynamic Range

Manual Settings Possible for Advanced Photographers!

Using EXR Priority, you can manually switch the sensor to one of three captures modes for photo quality desired even by professionals.

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