News Release

2009/2010 EISA Award

August 17, 2009 

Fujifilm’s Super CCD EXR Technology has been recognized by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) as Best Product in the Digital Imaging Innovation category of the 2009/2010 EISA Awards. Each year, the EISA Awards applaud the new products that combine the most advanced technology, the most desirable features, the ultimate expression of design, and the most satisfying ergonomics with the greatest value for the money.

According to EISA, “Fujifilm’s new Super CCD EXR sensor has been designed to adjust its behaviour according to the conditions in which it is being used so it can deliver the user the best quality for any situation. The sensor has three different shooting modes that can be either selected manually by the user or left to the camera to automatically choose which suits the occasion. In high resolution (HR) mode the sensor uses all its 12 million pixels to render the finest details of the scene, while a high sensitivity (SN) mode it uses pixel-coupling technology to produce images with low noise levels in very low light conditions. A further high dynamic range (DR) mode combines two exposures to deal with high contrast situations.”

EISA recognizes the features most likely to be appreciated by an enthusiastic public seeking high quality and creative facilities.