Fujifilm solidifies its leadership with inkjet technology, offering the most comprehensive suite of solutions


VALHALLA, N.Y., October 3, 2012 – The latest advancements in printing and inkjet technology will be on display this week as FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Graphic Systems Division will exhibit a full portfolio of solutions for the printing industry at Graph Expo 2012, taking place October 7-10 in Chicago at McCormick Place South, in booth #414. Fujifilm is recognized for its long history of innovation and leadership and its ongoing drive to always raise the bar in product development. Commercial printers at this year’s Graph Expo will be able to experience the results of this commitment with demonstrations of the following:

• The latest inkjet printing technologies including the J Press 720, Inca Onset S40i, Acuity HS and Acuity LED 1600

• Digitally-mastered, high-definition image quality with the Xerox® Color 1000 Press with clear ink

• Commercial print wall showcasing Fujifilm plates, platesetters, chemistry and manufacturing capabilities

• Fujifilm newspaper solutions featured in the PuzzleFlow booth #2167 in the News Pavilion

• Workflow and software solutions including Fujifilm XMF Workflow, ColorPath® color management, ColorGATE production server for wide format inkjet printing workflow, Metrix® automated job planning tools, and Rampage Systems.

“Innovation is the number one priority at Fujifilm and we are tirelessly dedicated to R&D efforts,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and general manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “Graph Expo will showcase the impressive developments we have made in order to better serve commercial printers, enabling them to evolve their businesses and remain competitive and ultimately succeed in a shifting landscape.”

Inkjet – The Future of Printing
Inkjet represents the next chapter in printing technology. While it’s already matching analog printing technologies in terms of output quality and performance, its real advantage is the ability to create entirely new applications – impossible with other print methods. According to I.T. Strategies, “The inkjet technology advances have reached such a level that the industry is at a stage where commercial printers and graphic arts service providers will soon no longer be able to thrive profitably without a digital printing component in their operations.”(1)

Fujifilm’s J Press 720 establishes an entirely new product category: the high-quality, sheetfed inkjet press. It offers a half-size format for print runs of just one or thousands, and provides a superior solution for the fastest-growing segment of the market where the majority of print jobs reside – and where the opportunities will be in the future. The J Press 720 is a recipient of the 2012 InterTech™ Technology Award from Printing Industries of America at Graph Expo. To learn more, visit the Fujifilm booth for one of several live presentations held each day.

Making its debut at Graph Expo, the Inca Onset S40i meets the high-volume, fast-turnaround production needs of large format, graphic display printers. This flatbed UV inkjet printer has many new intelligent features that increase productivity and reliability including a zoned bed to reduce masking, innovative UV sensor system to initiate automatic cleaning, and a sophisticated substrate height detector to help safeguard printheads. It is ideal for the production of single and double-sided display POS, exhibition graphics, backlit/frontlit displays, outdoor signage printing and cosmetic/fashion graphics on a wide range of materials. To learn more about the Onset Series visit the Fujifilm booth for one of several live presentations held each day.

The Acuity Advance HS flatbed inkjet print offers stunning quality while printing at production speeds of 433 ft2 per hour delivering more than 100 beds in a single shift. It boasts a new express mode that allows it to print more than 650 ft2 per hour, and features a roll-to-roll option.

The Acuity LED® 1600 is a high-performance wide-format hybrid inkjet printer featuring a proprietary LED light source, high-precision, high-speed, print heads, and optimized 8-color fast curing UV-LED ink including white and clear. Its FUJFILM Dimatix Q-class high-frequency print heads are fast and precise with a track record of longevity in high performance production. The combination of VersaDrop™ multipulse jetting technology and accurate control of the jetting, pinning and curing process, enables the Acuity LED 1600 to produce quality print at fast print speeds, and the white and clear ink offer opportunities to create special effects and add value to graphic images.

Clear Ink Makes an Impact
The Xerox® Color 1000 press delivers sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality. With an optional clear dry ink station, a spot or flood can be applied for creative effects that bring prints to life. The Xerox Color 1000 utilizes Xerox low melt, EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Dry Ink with a new fusing technology that enables an even wider color gamut, producing vibrant images with smooth sweeps that command-and hold-attention. The press features versatility, scalability and performance perfect for production environments. With flexible workflow, feeding and finishing, the Xerox 1000 Press will suit a printer’s current business and increased volume as the business grows.

Fujifilm – The Most Comprehensive Suite of Commercial Print Solutions
Fujifilm is an end-to-end partner for commercial printers, providing everything needed to run a printing business of any size or type. The Fujifilm booth will include a commercial print wall, displaying Fujifilm’s plates, platesetters, chemistry, and manufacturing capabilities. Fujifilm will be featuring a host of environmentally friendly products including the Ecomaxx-T “processless” thermal plate, the no-bake positive LH-PJ thermal plate and “ZAC” plate processing that can reduce chemistry consumption up to 80 percent. Fujifilm also offers a broad range of products from FUJIFILM Hunt and leading industry suppliers, all designed to increase capabilities and reduce cost and waste.

Solutions for Newspaper Printers
From violet to thermal and from 49 to 350 plates per hour, Fujifilm has a plate and platesetter to meet the demands of the smallest to the largest newspapers in the industry. Thanks to flexibility in plate handling, Fujifilm’s range of platesetters are perfectly suited for production environments with frequent format changes while providing the highest quality and reliability. Fujifilm will feature the following:

Krause Newspaper Platesetters– These high performance CTP platesetters ranked top in their class, with the Performance XXL featuring the all new three-around format.

Fujifilm Brillia Newspaper Plates – Violet, Thermal or Conventional, Fujifilm has the plates for any production environment.

Fujifilm Daily Edition – A complete line of Pressroom solutions specifically for Newspapers.

Visit the PuzzleFlow booth #2167 to learn more about Fujifilm’s newspaper solutions.

Enhance Business with Software and Workflow
As a renowned technology company and innovator focused on R&D, Fujifilm is leading the way with software and workflow solutions specifically catered to the printing industry. XMF Workflow is a powerful and flexible APPE prepress production workflow built around PDF and JDF technologies. It offers a rich set of capabilities in pre-flighting, color-management, imposition and screening for a variety of output devices including platesetters, digital presses, and the J Press 720.

Metrix brings a unique blend of automation and cost-driven layout creation. With its rules-based productivity, Metrix helps to reduce planning and prepress labor costs and shorten job throughput. It is available on Mac OS X and Windows platforms and with more than 1,000 seats already sold, Metrix puts users around the world back in control.

The Fujifilm edition of ColorGATE’s Production Server is designed to be the center of wide format inkjet printing workflow. With support for more than 750 different printers, ColorGATE can drive virtually every proofer, printer and finishing system in a printer’s shop. ColorGATE provides a one wide format workflow solution, from proof to print to cut.

The XMF ColorPath® web-based solution uses extremely accurate color technology to deliver extremely accurate results. XMF ColorPath Sync synchronizes color to industry standards across many print processes, resulting in consistent print no matter the media. In the traditional pressroom, ColorPath Sync’s Align tool aligns presses using TVI adjustments. This year, Fujifilm will debut its XMF ColorPath Sync DLP. In the digital pressroom, ColorPath’s DLP tools align your digital print devices. In prepress, DLPs implemented directly into a workflow synchronize proofer’s color with production devices. Once color is aligned, ColorPath Verified monitors color across all output devices to enable tracking of key performance indicators. Real-time feedback on the status of the workflow’s color allows for quick reaction to any color issue and the ability to fix the root cause.

Rampage Systems provides a sophisticated prepress workflow and is an open and automated, PDF/JDF-based system with a client/server architecture supporting diverse plating, proofing, and digital printing options. Because of the increased prep work required for short runs, printers need to automate. As the margin for error goes down, this automation allows for time-savings without sacrificing flexibility and control.

Demonstrations of Fujifilm’s solutions will run daily on the showroom floor at booth #414.

For more information about Fujifilm products, please go to: www.fujifilmgraphics.com.

About Fujifilm
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(1) As published in I.T. Strategies report, “Inkjet Technology and Fujifilm: The Next Chapter in Commercial Printing Technology”, August 2012