PL Family of Lenses

PL Family of Lenses

WAYNE, N.J., February 28, 2011 – Among the offerings from FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division at the 2011 NAB Show this year will be a new lens for the half-inch format, an updated digital control system, an improved facial recognition system, as well as other recently released, popular lens models. The 2011 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, Nev., from April 11 through April 14. FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division will exhibit within Booth #C7525.

Shown as a technology demonstration at last year’s NAB convention, the TRACE facial recognition system allows a camera operator to set automatic focus parameters on one person’s face in a frame. When a subject walks into the frame, a box appears around that person’s face, and if the operator touches that person’s box, the lens automatically focuses on that face throughout the scene. If the operator decides to switch focus to another subject, he or she simply touches another box. The system features increased processing speed this year, ensuring that objects can be tracked more reliably. Now, when a tracked subject turns his or her back to the camera, the system maintains facial tracking.

The TRACE system will be shown again as a technology demonstration within the NAB Booth. Estimated availability is at the end of this year.

This system is used in conjunction with the company’s Emmy Award-winning Precision Focus Assist technology. Precision Focus Assist is a feature built within a lens that ensures fast, accurate focusing of high definition images under varying conditions. It’s now in its third generation and features: improved focusing response, lower light loss, and reduced size. The PF system is the only focusing system that can maintain focus in any zoom position from the narrowest to the widest angle.

The Optical Devices Division will also demonstrate its XA88x8.8BESM/PF telephoto field lens with Precision Focus Assist and the XA50x9.5BE SM HD field telephoto lens at NAB this year. The XA88x8.8 combines the industry’s widest angle in class with an 88X zoom range. Fujinon's exclusive Aspheric Technology and newly developed EBC coating reduce ghost and flare and increase light transmission. Designed to work with ENG style 2/3-inch HD cameras, the cost effective XA50X9.5B ESM is ideal for regional, minor league, and collegiate sports coverage, as well as houses of worship, corporate events, and other venues requiring longer focal length lenses. The 45-pound lens features an integral camera supporter that requires no additional camera lens support, which results in a considerable cost savings over other designs that require a build up kit or separate camera/lens support.

Fujinon will also show its series of PL Mount Lenses featuring the fastest T speeds available in a family of zooms, with unprecedented color matched 4K and beyond optical performance. All four PL Mount zooms are similar in size and weight, and uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters enable quick and efficient lens changes. The 18-85mm T2.0 and 75-400 mm T2.8-T3.8 PL mount zoom lens were the first models from the PL Series of zooms. The second two lenses in the series are the 24-180mm T2.6 and the 14.5-45mm T2.0.

Fujinon will also roll out its latest products related to 3D sports production.