DV Series Designed for C and CS Mounts; Ideal for a Broad Range of Security Applications


WAYNE, NJ, March 18, 2009 – At the ISC West convention this April in Las Vegas, Fujinon (Booth #8141) will introduce three megapixel, vari-focal lenses designed for half-inch camera formats. Realizing the current trend of megapixel camera manufacturer’s use of half-inch format imagers, Fujinon has come up with a series of four lenses to help customers meet all their megapixel half-inch camera needs.

The DV3.4x3.8SA-1 has a focal length range of 3.8 to 13mm, an aperture range of F1.4 to T360, and a 97 degree horizontal angle of view at 3.8mm. It can easily handle the majority of indoor security applications. The DV3.4x3.8SA-1 lens is a manual iris version. The lens is also available as DV3.4x3.8SA-SA1 - an auto iris DC –Type model.

For those applications that require a greater object distance between the camera and the lens - such as long hallways or outdoor environments - Fujinon allows for an easy upgrade to its DV10x8SA-1 lens. The DV10x8SA-1 lens offers a flexible focal length range of 8 to 80mm without compromising an aperture range of F1.4 to T360. The DV10x8SA-1 lens is a manual iris version. The lens is also available as DV10x8SA-SA1, an auto iris DC –Type model.

Locking screws for zoom and focus and rugged metal mounts are standard features on all Fujinon vari-focal lenses. The new DV Series Megapixel Lenses are all C-Mount lenses that can be used on both C and CS Mount cameras. A 5mm C-mount adapter ring is required when using a C Mount lens with a CS Mount camera.

Fujinon is dedicated to providing the highest quality and broadest range of "C" and "CS" mount lenses at competitive pricing. For more information on Fujinon CCTV lenses, call 973-633-5600, ext. 214 or visit our web site at www.fujinoncctv.com. Customers can also visit our confidential CCTV Customer Intranet for additional information, including training, webinars, sales discounts and pricing. To register, visit http://www.fujinon.com/Intranet/Login.aspx, and select Security Division from the pull down menu.


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