FUJIFILM Smart Surfaces

Company Profile

Global resources at the service of innovative technology

As part of FUJIFILM, with its global reach, manufacturing power, logistical know-how, proven commitment to advanced technology solutions and customer-focused business culture, Hunt Smart Surfaces, LLC is uniquely positioned to serve your needs. All customers, from the independent marina to the largest international shipping or industrial concern, benefit from our worldwide yet locally focused team approach.

Our U. S. manufacturing capabilities ensure that customers benefit from the most advanced processes and products. Our quality control technology, mixing facilities, production capacity and analytical teams are integrated into one seamless system that exceeds industry standards and helps our customers capitalize on opportunities.

Products, Research & Development

FUJIFILM Corporation manufactures over 500 different high-performance products. Our Worldwide Research & Development Group, located in Allendale, New Jersey, provides full capabilities in all aspects of industrial materials evaluation and engineering.

Changing our world with Smart Surfaces

From small pleasure craft to supertankers, and from waterside power plants to offshore oil rigs, all marine vessels and structures contend with fouling problems as organisms attach themselves to surfaces.

Until recently, the universal approach to this problem relied on anti-fouling coatings applied to surfaces in order to kill the marine growth that tried to attach itself. Unfortunately, all such coatings are toxic and recent internationally signed legislation has established that use of such coatings will be prohibited by the year 2008.

But Smart Surfaces, LLC has a solution…We call it the DUPLEX System.