FUJIFILM Planar Solutions

Company Profile

FUJIFILM Planar Solutions, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Electronic Materials USA focused on Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) slurries. FUJIFILM Planar Solutions develops and manufactures products with a particular focus on advanced CMP applications. FUJIFILM Planar Solutions operates manufacturing and customer support facilities in Arizona and Michigan, and in 2011 added manufacturing capability in Taiwan in support of the Asia Pacific market.

FUJIFILM Planar Solutions’ broad product line demonstrates superior chemical and dispersion stability, world-class quality control, compelling cost of ownership, and high post-CMP yields. FUJIFILM Planar Solutions is a market leader for copper and barrier CMP slurries, with products supplied to the world’s top IDM and foundry semiconductor manufacturers for the production of advanced logic and memory devices.