FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A.

Company Profile

A wholly-owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc. has been long known as a leading provider of quality products for the photographic, graphic arts and specialty chemical industries. Throughout over a century, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals has distinguished itself as an industry innovator by delivering breakthrough product performance and services.

Today, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals is a diversified developer and manufacturer of a wide range of sophisticated chemical products and complex manufacturing processes, serving many industries. Strategically basing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in vital markets worldwide, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals offers multi-national corporations a globally-seamless approach to achieving the best quality results through world-class products and services.

FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals’ worldwide Technical Development Center’s capabilities encompass many industrial uses. As a FUJIFILM company, it is our directive to produce the safest, greenest, easiest to use, and highest quality chemical products. We possess the knowledge, market understanding and resources to develop new technologies for applications in all market segments.

North America

Allendale, New Jersey United States
Corporate Headquarters
Worldwide Technical Development Center
Rolling Meadows, Illinois United States
Manufacturing: Photographic and Graphic
Arts Chemicals, CodeStream LMC
181,200 sq. ft
ISO 9001:2008 certified 1995
ISO 14001:2004 certified 1997
Dayton, Tennessee United States
Specialty Markets Group Headquarters
Manufacturing: Photographic Chemicals,
Custom Specialty, Antioxidants,
Stabilizers, Monomers, Intermediates,
Additives, Polyamide Imide Resins
66,700 sq. ft.
ISO 9002 certified 1998
ISO 14001 certified 2003

South America

Aruja, Brazil South America Manufacturing: Photochemicals and Pressroom Chemicals
2,200 sq. m.
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004