FUJIFILM Endoscopy

Fujifilm Endoscopy Innovation: Past, Present, and Unbelievable

May 1985 (DDW)
Series 2000
First commercially available flexible video endoscope.
May 1989 (DDW)
First Super-Image, 120% screen image flexible video endoscope.
May 1990 (DDW)
Series 7
First High Resolution CCD.
May 1991 (DDW)
Probe Ultrasound System.
May 1993 (DDW)
300 Series
First 250,000 pixel CCD Super-Image flexible video endoscopes.
May 1995 (DDW)
200 Series
First 410,000 pixel CCD High-Resolution Super-Image flexible video endoscopes.
May 2000 (DDW)
485 Series Endoscopes
First 850,000 pixel CCD High-Definition flexible video endoscopes.
First 7.5 MHz Probe for endoscopic ultrasound.
May 2002
G-5™ Endoscope
First ergonomically advanced, 410,000 pixel CCD flexible video endoscope. Lightest endoscope available in the world.
May 2003 (DDW)
G-5 Endoscopy™
First concept in endoscopy to bring endoscope form and function together with the financing options, service flexibility, and customer care necessary to completely change the practice of endoscopy for the new millennium.
490 Series Endoscopes
First megapixel CCD (1 million pixel +) endoscope available in the world using FUJIFILM’s proprietary Super CCD technology.
June 2004
Double Balloon Endoscopy ® System
First endoscopic system capable of providing therapeutic access for the full length of the small bowel.
May 2008 (DDW)
500 Series Endoscopes
Innovative endoscopes that combine improved handling and functionality, increasing procedure productivity and once again improving the practice of endoscopy.
High-Definition endoscopy (HDe®)
First High-Definition endoscopy in both progressive and interlaced formats designed to improve image quality across Fujinon product platforms.
First High-Definition endoscopy processing platform to offer both progressive and interlaced formats.
First Compact, high-definition platform maximizing performance and value.