Discover Fujifilm

FUJIFILM Corporation spends over $2.5 billion a year on R&D, and has demonstrated a talent for reinvention. Seventy percent of the products we make today were not a part of Fujifilm five years ago.

Fujifilm is the global leader in broadcast lenses and high-resolution compact lens units that use aspherical lens elements, such as those in mobile phones.

Fujifilm developed and marketed the world’s first consumer digital camera.

Fujifilm is the only vendor that enables retailers to offer three levels of service – the "full retail solution" includes prints in minutes, prints in hours, and prints in days.

Fujifilm invented the digital x-ray, and today is a leader in computed radiography systems.

Fujifilm has an extensive portfolio of commercial printing solutions: we are a leader in the development, manufacture and sale of inks for screen and package printing, industrial inkjet inks and materials; ink jet print heads; high performance colorants; and we are the largest distributor of graphics systems products in the U.S.

Fujifilm Rapid SNPs Diagnostic System, used for examining blood sample results, is the world’s fastest, fully-automated gene analysis system.

Fujifilm makes 80% of the film coatings that improve the viewability of flat-panel LCDs. Made from plant-derived cellulose, our proprietary LCD material is the first to win Biomass Mark certification from Japan’s ministry of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries.

Both the FTSE-4 Good Global Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index include Fujifilm for its social, economic and environmental contributions to the global community.